The Supreme God of the Americans and all the inhabitants on earth reveals himself directly to Saint Roy in his Celestial image of glorous form in Hiroshima far away from his homeland and speaks the whole Eternal Testament of the Eternal Religion of Heaven where all humans forget once they are born into the material world of the Earth. The Supeme God commands Saint Roy to write the Eternal Testament for all mankind to read as the last chance for repentance.

Chapter One

1. I am the Passion that all of Humanity thirsts after! I have given you a life to live it justly and righteously. In my Son you shall hear the Living Voice of your Eternal Supreme God. For the Righteous shall come to dwell in my Paradise and shall know the Necter of Eternal Life. They shall know the reedom of no more Birth...Sickness/Desease...Old Age...and Pre-mature death and Death never again! In my Son I have given you the Last Eternal Testament of my Love and of my Peace. There shall never again come a time where I will send another of my beloved sons to earth again. This is the Last Eternal Testament unaltered-intact for all generations to read. This Eternal Testament I have given unto mankind that they may find Love and Peace amoungst eachother through this Holy Son of mine. May all men live in peace and may all men die in peace. I will wash away the toil and tears from all my mortal children and give them absolution through my Divine Son before your mortal eyes to see in a mission to bring Love and Peace to all mankind. A wise man never laments at the time of death or when death strikes. For death is the beginning of an eternal life of joy and happiness where no man thirst nor ungers, neither tears nor pains as in this life. A thief comes when we know not and takes his treasures to his eternal mansion made of Spiritual hands, only I, the Supreme God and his holy sons have prepared for the just and the righteous.

2. He and those whom have caused terror upon the innocent in the name of my holy names and religions of the Angel of Darkness I shall cast them all into the infernos of everlastng hell and others into the hell worlds that thought not and knew not existed. Just look into the expanse of my Universe and see where not I cannot put an evil man and send him there for as long as I wish or for eternity as a Divine Punishment. My Eternal Laws shall not be broken as men think they can do without my wrath falling upon them on earth as mortals and in death when they look upon my face and tremble in a loud cry of tears and agony never known to a mortal man. For I am the Holy of holies and not an evil man shall escape.

3. For the Lord your Supreme God is but One and Whole, Divine full of Truth and Benevolence and Beauty since the Eternity of Time and not divided and fragmented as are the Nations and its shattered as broken glass humanity that live not by the Laws of Nature but distroy her with Societies and Civilizations that cheat and hoard the earth and its people of the good things I have provided to ever human born upon this earth. Why do you envy and greed for wealth like Cannibals of men that thrist and hunger for the flesh of other men. You do not share nor do you care for your less fortunate fellow brothers and sisters, how can you assure yourself and your counsels and congregations and expect that I should allow and let you live in my Kingdom of Paradise in the Everlasting Eterinty where time stops and all pious men and women find rest from toil and the burdens of the world. What Judgement should I give you when you have judged others from the birth of your sins. I have only asked of you two things. One, to be a divine human soul, a humble care- taker of my Earthly Garden and Two, to Love one another as you wish in your prayers and thoughts, your hopes and dreams that the Divine Master gives and shines his Love on you daily to the end of you days on Earth. You're grand and as unique as a blade of grass, for one cannot live without the other and your mind, body and soul is a cycle like the four seasons. The thief has come in the night and still you look and are prepared and await for the thief in the night. The earth is plagued with fools dreams in men and women in their prayer houses made of the material of the earth where all gather to worship the Lord of Host and walk out to their sinful ways of life. How can I, the Supreme God dwell in these sanctuaries of the Angel of Darkness that preach Peace twisted with War and Love embraced with Hate. How can I whom dwells in the infinite Universe dwell in a box. Only if mankind repents and mends his ways can a spark of my Divine Holiness dwell there for the true believers and the few faithful in spirit for I am a Merciful and Compassionate Benevolent Almighty Supreme God for all humanity, for I have chosen you as a new people to take forth the Living Word of God unto all Nations and Reform and bring about Peace for all Mankind for I am the Word, the Life and the Truth and the Everlasting River of Life all men seek and thirst after, come and drink if you thirst after the Light of Life and I shall give you to drink of my Holy Chalice where no man know except he that thirst after Righteousness and reforms this chaotic and undisciplined world of war, hate, destruction, famine, genocide, poverty, rape, murder and Creeds that make no sense to humanity. I give the power and the glory and the crown of everlasting life to he whom restores sanity and peace on earth, this is my Eternal Covenant to he whom is my faithful and believer that I am the everlasting truth to all.

4. Come and be my friend and I shall shelter you from the violent storms of life. I shall give you the bread of life to make you a strong people. To stand up against the terror and horrors that will befall tomorrow. You are not living in a secure world. One day the undivine winds of the man made fires of hell shall sweep the globe and singe with annihilation the human flesh like the melting snow as it comes toward you & you shall cry out loud but there will be no place to run and man will cry out for death to fall upon them but in vain they shall be there to endure and be utterly vanquish by the human made suns. Therefore I give my Covenant Promise to those that obey the Commandments of this Holy Book that I shall spare you when the earth is desolate and burnt and dry and nothing is to be seen but the scorch of the once bountiful living earth. I shall bring forth Celestial rains to pour down upon the earth that you may drink of the new waters and I shall bring forth from the ashes of the earth a new Celestial egetation that you may not hunger nor thirst but stand up and walk a new path in the New Earth and heavens and no more will an Evil man walk upon my Divine Earth ever again till Eternity. These things of prophecy shall surely come to pass in the times ahead in the generations to come forth. For the road to total annihilation and destruction of the human races is only a matter of time since the time man split the Atom all men wanted and sought the same destructive power untill at last no nation will ever be willing to give up destructive nuclear power until the painted horse of death and annihilation of humanity is fulfilled and only the few choosen will survive because they were faithful and believed in my Eternal Testament and held fast to the Word of the Supreme God and his son that was choosen from the Celestial abode and sent down and was born unto pious peasants to fulfill my mission to save the few of the earth and let the rest of humanity perish and that the few choosen might be the righteous bearers of the Truth and never again will any man that is born unto the new earth and heaven make such a destructive nuclear weapon again. For when that terrible and horror of moment comes all nuclear weapons will cleanse the earth till the final and last nuclear weapon and no more will they exist upon my earth ever again. I would wish that humanity while it has time to make an Ark of Shelter in the desert regions deep beneath the earth and to take what can be taken below my beloved creatures of the earth that they and even a single blade of grass might survive when the Seal of Death is broken and all of humanity and every creature has become wasted and judged. Those whom follow the Light...the Truth and the Way in which I am preparing shall be spared and if there be one or more wicked and evil of mankind amoungst the new tribe of the Supreme God then let them be put to death by casting the wicked and evil into fire and I shall atone you as my chosen people that you may teach others.

5. Now and here we have all come to a time in the generations where men have turned to their phychopatic genetic behaviour of the barbaric nature which was twined when the evil forces envaded mankind during the twilight years of the evolutionary stages of humankind. They exhonarated themselves by killing off other lesser and weaker defenseless of other races by culling genocide and extinction of the weaker more pious humble races that were not meat eatters but gathers and lived off the garden of the land. The gatherers where quite large in their population of several variety of races of species which intermingled and gave off spring to new races of mankind. Though they were gathers, they held truth to a very democratic simple system of bartering. Within their cultures they were the pure races of the Supreme God. They worshiped and gave thanks-giving to all that the Divine Master provided for them. There was no need for Religion for The Eternal Religion resided in their hearts. Then came the evil forces of a race of mankind whom saw the benifits of this humble system and one evil man gain knowledge on how to destroy these humble democratic races of mankind. In his mind he held the belief of exhonorating himself before all the hunters. On an early morning before the dawn arose he went to some gathers and took their females and slaughtered all the males. He gave example that women should be raped and tortured to the death as a Sacrifice to the God of the Sun..the life force giver to all the hunters. Then there upon a stone after the females had been raped and tortured he rip the hearts out of the females and ate them whole. This example gave way to a new founded religion of the earth by evil men and it gave rise to a new civilization of terror. From the four corners of the earth men came to follow this new messiah of terror upon the weaker races of mankind, those called the gathers. The gatherers lived in the natural habitate of nature, while the hunters lived in dark caves and preached the annialation of the democratic gathers. To kill and slaughter their men but to spare the women to become slaves of sex and to bare a new off spring. The slaughtered pious races of mankind were to be eatten by cannabalism which was meant to give the hunters great strength and power... to be invincible holy warriors. And thus this is how it was in the beginning of the races of mankind. The evil messiah brought a new wrath of hell upon the face of the earth and a new man made religion was founded and this barbaric terrorism wiped out all of The Supreme God's pious humble races of mankind. This barbaric form of psychopatic behaviour lasted eons and terror was upon the whole face of the earth and it seemed that nothing could intervene to bring an end to the violence and bloodshed that spread the whole globe. As time went on men and their kind fled into the high moutains and began to form their own colonies and began to transform the Sun God Religion into other forms of religious beliefs of total submission to the gods or die.

6. Those that can hear the voice of The Supreme God calling out from the wilderness of the heavens let him come and repent and pray that humanity may last awhile more longer before the Seal of estruction comes with the power of the forces of nature. The winds and the rains will come forth with a magnitude no city man has built on land can withstand neither withold its shear awesome power. The seas and oceans will rise and the rivers will not be able to contain the mighty forces of Natures awsome winds and rains, the cities will become flooded with an awesome deluge of stench and deseases. No magnitude of man can rescue those that have been wicked and sinful, this is a time of test of mankinds faith and the dividing between the good and the wicked of heart. Believe me no man, woman or child or child in the womb shall be spared from their evil wickedness and every entity knows it's own inner sins and curses against The Supreme God Almighty. To the inhabitants that live by the mountains, the rains will ravage and shake the mountains loose and the sludge of mud, rocks, bolders and the trees will cover the villages, towns and cities where the people dance and parade intoxicated in the lust of sin. I will spare not one wicked soul to the breath of life rather I shall shakle them to the Hell Worlds as a Divine punishment. To those of the desert nations I shall shake the earth beneath their feet and destroy the wicked of heart and their cities and kingdoms...their villages of ancient and their tribes. I will destroy their culture and sinful beliefs in an unknown sinister god of submission. Their I shall cause great dust storms that wil bury them alive in the hot sand and not one evil soul shall escape and from the seas and oceans I shall raise the waves so high it will wash over the desert nations and end their civilizations the old ways and the new for I am abhord in their practices and dispise their worship. For they are wicked and evil rest in their bossom. In places where there are mountains in the seas and on the land I will erupt and open up the mighty powers of the Volcanoes and in a twinkle of an eye-lid I will cover up the wicked in the molten inferno of hell and end their ancient practices, cultures and way of worship to false beliefs. For the sins of humankind and by the greedy unharmonized way mankind lives out of harmony with Nature the Great Glaciers will continue to melt down and cover the islands small and big..I will submerge them under the seas forever. To those that are destroying the tropical rain forest disbalancing the wild life I will cause havoc and hell to befall upon those wicked souls aswell and not one wicked whether rich or peasant shall survive my wrath. To the tropical island paradises of pleasure and resort, the dens of sin I shall wash away by great tsunami...typhoon..hurricane and unknown ravaging tornadoes, I shall tear down and wash away the sins of mankind through my Judgement upon the wicked and sinful souls. From the core of my earth to the crust it is lubercated by oil and other things, you have sin.

7. There is much to say in the beginning and the first emergence of mandkind upon the face of the earth and emergence and the seperation of the multitude of human species and how it became as it is today and the seperation of it's cousin sub-species the Great Apes of the Jungles and where the missing link divided, what happened and why humans and anthropoids and anthropoid apes remain mysterious ancestors to humanity but never a mystery to The Supreme God. When the earth was one massive ball of volcanic molten lava and fire, catastrophic astroids and meterorite glacers of ice and dust bombarded the earth creating debris to soar into outer space and a great chunck of the earth that became the moon. While the whole face of the earth was pitted with deep impact craters and ridges it gained a rotation and gravity putting the moon in its orbit. These deep impacts subsided as the earth gained more gravitational power. Then after eons of voidness as moten rock a sudden great catalyst began upon the scorching hot earth, it began to cool down in an accelerating catalysis spewing out various gases which gave birth to the birth of atmospheric pressure that created the ozone layer that shield and blanketed the earth from the suns ultraviolet radiaton rays. With the various gases being trap between the earth and the ozone layer after more eons another catalyst erupted, great lightning and thunders roared above the heavens and the gases rose and mixed with the great thunders and lightning so that the atmospheric pressure gave birth to great rains that began to cover the whole face of the earth and the whole earth was covered with water and it took more eons for the waters to subside and for the great body of land to appear upon the face of the earth again. Once the rough and rugged dry land appeared, another catalyst began to rise to birth at an excellerated rate. Micro-oganisms began to spread from the one vast ocean to the great mass of land. The organisms in the ocean grew into giant creatures of the waters and as the land began to be covered with wild vegetation the water creatures adapted to crawl upon the land and ate the vegetation and grew to great ernormous sizes and as they breed upon the great mass of land the vegetation grew less and less and these reptile mammals began to turn carnivorous. Some mammals returned to the safety of the great oceans, their intellegence equally match that of humans. In the beginning of this mass creation soup there were a variety of mammals of different species of monkeys..apes...anthropoids and early humans that had adaptive organs to live in the vast ocean or live on the land. As the ocean waters began to recide more another catalyst emerged,the mass of dry vegetation land began to separate into various divided lands. Monkeys, Anthropoids and early humans adapted to the earth while the great whales and dolphines returned back to the great waters for safty and quick movement from canivorous sea and and land reptiles. Early mankind and his cousin ancestors remained to dwell.

8. The earth was created for humankind through a divine process of evolving and adaptation to the climatic changes. It was in the eons when man liken a hairy beast mated with it's relatives the Great Apes. Both spoke no spoken language but they communicated by sounds liken high pitched vowels. They lived in harmony for eons and gave off spring of many races of early humanity. The earth was still hot so they both dwell in the coolness of the canopy rainforest jungle. There was no law of marraige only the law of pro-creation and multipling the races between early man and apes and intermingling the races into other forms of races. For The Supreme God looked after them and saw his creation florish from the Atom. Both early evolving man and apes shared in the knowledge of using tools to survive. They were simple tools in which they could use to gather food. They were simple gathers and did not kill for meat. They roamed the canopy rainforest naked and climed the trees and made their beddings and rested there at night. So how did mankind evolve from the sea to the land. Well first Supreme God ask of this generation of humanity. Why are humans of different skin colors? Why do humans have different shapes and colors of eyes? Why do humans have different kinds of hair and colors? What is it in the human DNA genome where some humans are more prone to heriditary desease physical and mental? Why are some humans pure non-violent and others violent? And the most important question is why is the human character a reptilian personality? The Supreme God says that when the whole face of the earth was a vast sea, the micro-organisms grew into different species of life forms. While the whales and dolpines and other grew to enormous size, other species of water creatures grew along side with equal intellegence. The whales and dolphines and others stayed in the safty of the sea, but the other water creatures began to come onto the dry hot land. They had hard scales for skin, they grew long tails to balance, defend and manuever with hind legs and front legs to walk upon the earth. Many of these early reptiles stayed on the land while many other species made it to the rainforest. For thousands of years these reptiles began an evolution of shedding off the scales of their skin and hair replaced the hard scales and their legs and feet changed aswell with digit fingers and they began to climb and live in the trees and as time went on the began to inter-breed and became hairy monkeys. From there the beginning of humanity as we know it today emerged from the vast sea, to the land, to the rainforest and evolved each time the spinal clock changed. For many thousands of years in the beginning the time of the new form of pre-historic humans was given a great span of time to pro-create by inter-breeding and inter- mingling with one another for thousands of years. This is how mankind from a sea breathing creature to and air breathing creature to shedding off reptilian features came to be a living mammal of the rainforest.

9. There is a battle between The Evolutionist and The Creationist and both have given fruit to the rise of The Humanist and The Enviromentalist. Scientist versus Religionist where Scientist base their Militant Atheism on proven facts based on their collective theories about the way the Universe was formed without any intellegent source called God, while on the other hand Religionist Militant Theosophy whose holy books give direct mystical insight into the divine nature of creation by an intellegent source called God. The Humanist base their Militant Agnostic and Atheist beliefs of Ethical Philosophies that human virtues for the betterment of humanity through knowledge and reason alone or those who believe in mere humanity opposing a divine nature called God. The Enviromentalist base their dogmatic beliefs from incomming and outgoing sources of ethics whom whether they be spiritual..atheist or agnotic are agressively Militant to save the planet they live on and all entities whether sentient or non-sentient but end up propagating political, social and governmental liberal propaganda with no solid basis except exploitation of their own theories and belief ego. Eviromentalism is another form of socialistic control and forcing conformity on all of God's Creation. The Supreme God has given everything created freewill but when freewill invades to cause many divisions amoungst his choosen people...The Americans...then all will see the wrath and divine punishment from The Supreme American God. America was founded on Divine Principals by Immigrants long ago living in cruel tyrant nations all fleeing their homelands globally from extreme and unjustifiable oppression that fought to establish a freely Democratic and One Nation Under God by founding Fathers that were divinely inspired by a greater power than themselves known as God. For over 200 hundred and thirty three years every elected Commander in Chief has followed the path of Democracy..a Divinely Inspired Constitution and a One Nation Under, faith and belief. When the Leader of the most powerful nation on this earth violates these Divine Principals to force Change in the American way..then the wrath of The Supreme God ends his rule upon the American people and brings him to be judged in the After Life and that leaders body decomposes for the worms to eat and his soul is in Hells torment. Therefore, the Supreme God says to Religionist... Evolutionist... Humanist... and to Enviromentalist and Scientist with their Theories. To understand God and how everything came into existance and to understand where The Supreme God resides..the answer is simple to the Saints and Angels. When you sleep at night resting from toil and labor..your mind is in a Void State. Then from this void state of unconsciousness you create matter in the form of dreams.. where you can can do and you can create your own world-you exist there and that's your and all that exist, exist in the mind of The Supreme God in a Divine mind.

10. The Supreme God is all merciful to humans in their Journey through this material life. To understand existance one must understand that there exist the anti-material realm and the material realm. God lives in the anti-material realm of peace and bliss of where unimaginable happiness exist yet a spark of God's divinity exist in the material realm where all matter is created and then annialated in a constant cycle of harmonic perpetual chaos throughout the Universe with energy that has no end. Therefore if all material existance exist in the Divine mind of the Supreme God, then the Orgin of all that has been created by God in his meditative state of consciousness remains throughout the universe eternally expanding without end and when within this perpetual chaos even though one thing in the universe is annihilated it does not disappear rather another form of matter is created so that is the orgin of all cosmic manifestations under the controlled guidence of God. Even the wises wisdom of men are fools and the simple minded fools are wise men because they understand that there is no difference between God and the cosmic manifestation of existance. Yet because God is independant of the cosmic manifestation and the living enities soul is shortly independant there can be no comparison to God's quality of independance and the souls independence because God is fully independent and the entity with a material body and soul is made up of five elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Air and Water and the five senses of sight, hearing, smelling, taste and feeling things. The living entities material body was created from a spiritual spark and the universe was created by a supreme spark. The consciousnes of the individual soul is limited and the conscious of the Supreme God is unlimited. Since consciouness exist in both the human soul, the difference between an entities soul is that it is conscious of the material body and the conscious soul of God is conscious of all the bodies within creation within the material universe. Holy men are born unto this world fully God conscious to teach humanity piecemeal by piecemeal about the existance of a Compassionate and Merciful loving God for all mankind to accept and to have faith in and to pray for not only themselves but for their brothers and neighbors and the less fortunate and to give alms, be kind, be gentle and to live in peace. Scientist are the speculators in love with life and immortality searching to find an end to material death of the body because they are afraid of two things the know as fact that birth leads to death. The Atheist and Agnostics are lost in the illussions of their Ego and Pride that must make a show that God does not exist when deep inside their consciousness are afraid of the realities of this material existance and the only way they can drown out that inner voice is to deny the existance of God because every human is afraid to die. Suffering cannot be avoided. Human suffering begins in the womb of the mother.

11. The material world has always gone through the stages of Theists and Atheist confronting and at war with one another when The Golden Civilization arise from the Spiritual Essence of The Supreme God's Laws and Wisdom of Light and Truth where peace and love and the relationship of Society as a whole in humanity care for one another and do for one another from piousness and are kind to one another, do not take advantage of eachother and do not harm one another. This is the holy seed planted in the material existance by God where humanity is in harmony with what humans call the supernatural phenomenon or God. Then as the ages come and go, the so called weeds of doubt, ego, pride, greed, lust, gluttony, and wrath begin the decline of each Golden Civilization and thus the impersonalist philosophies arise when humans reject God or become lost mentally if God exist or does not exist with the Atheist and Agnostic's whom eventually lead so many astray into self absorbing knowledge as self made gods calling themselves Scientist, Mathmaticians, Researchers into all the God nature of why things exist which eventually declines civilization and society into a chaotic world of demonic immorality and human apathy from which breeds the atmospher of discontentment which leads to wars and genocide, thus then that leads to a more collapsed state of murders, rape, pillage of others possessions and finally no one cares about no one except the concept of I, Me, Mine which is a false self illusion because society has lost the truth that every entity is a living soul trapped in a temporial material body that was born..will go through stages of aging until the eyes repose shut closed in death and the body is left empty as a bag filled with bones to decay and rot for the worms and other insects to feast upon that is the reality of the material world and universe..what is created will be destroyed. Though the soul is never destroyed but The Supreme God has the authority to cast non-believers back into the ocean of material existance into various demonic species of life forms and because the cannot approach the Supreme God they eventually sink deeper and deeper down into the abominable types of existance. The root cause of these souls is that in the material existance they are in fact jealous of God. They themselves want to be in control and be God and become envious and mischievous thus becomming the lowest of humankind where even the animals are above them in God's eyes and thus these transgressors and envious haters of the Supreme God are forced to take repeated births in demonic families because they are the great offenders of the Supreme God, that God purposely keeps them always bewildered and purposely in the darkness life after life. That is the Law of Trangresional Sin against the Supreme God. Only those that are God conscious are spared from the torments of rebirth into demonic families. In this life you may be a king,rich,famous or a scholar, you have nothing without God.


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