The Supreme God reveals himself to Saint Roy, the American's have become God's chosen people and that America will have dominion over the whole expanse of the Earth for One Thousand Years of Reign till God's Peace and Eternal Love is established amoung all the inhabitants of the earth thus forth creating The Supreme God's Utopia for Humanity as was in the beginning of the Creation of the World.

Chapter One

1. I am the Soul of Life! From me all things have derived and came forth in the beginning when I created the Universes, all the heaven's and all the worlds. I am your God and your Lord, the Divine Master. You are never independant of me. For I have brought you forth from the earth you walk upon. I am the Supreme God of all Kingdoms, Nations and all Races of Humankind. The time has arrived, the Omega, you will listen to my Divine Word lest my wrath fall upon the whole expanse of the earth.

2. Render yourselves unto me and bow down before my holy presence. I am with you always. I am the Eternal Light, Life and Glory and the sole supreme power eternal of whom can destroy both body in the material existance and the soul in the spiritual existance and cast into living hell all of the rebellious souls that will not reform to righteous living and to love one another as I have so loved you since the creation of all things, sentient and non-sentient.

3. What is first eventually becomes last and what is last eventually becomes first, ponder to contemplate the cycle of the order of this law. I have come unto you again as the Living Word Eternal as the living waters through my beloved son in whom I live and am the Truth and have sent him down from the Eternal Abode as a Testimony to all men today in this age present, that I am who I am and am not made of the illussions of man. I am the Eternal Religion and the Eternal Faith of all Righteousness that all souls depend upon for their Salvation and entrance into the Eternal Heavens. I dwell like an eternal burning fire in the hearts of all men, women and children and every living creature of the earth. It is my Divine spark of fire that keeps the Cycle of Life perpetual and ever existing eternally. I am the Fountain of Life and the Eternal Youth, he whom drinks of my Cup shall find rest in my bosom from toil and labor and all the distress of the material existance and grant that they shall become ever youthful, filled with joy and happiness. Their sorrows and pain and all the agonies I shall uplift from those souls that firmly without doubt and full of faith believe in me, the Eternal Supreme God. I shall grant Miracles and Cures and make great wonders to all whom follow my path, the path that leads all men to love one another and to share in my Hollow Peace that restores all souls to a state of purity and perfection on Earth and to live in Harmony with one another as innocent children do. My Spirit is an Aura covering you, for I wish this Utopia Peace for you in a New Era.

4. Since Eons past when I first created the earth, through the evolutionary stages of the earth and the waters till the time all things settled and I created mankind. Mankind has sought to have the ultimate communion with me. I had given mankind all that it needed blanketed in an atmosphere of Eternal Life until mankind into his heart entered that which was sinister and I took away immortality from him. The agony was too much to bare and he thrust himself from the mountains, cliffs and all the high places shedding his blood upon the rocks. Thus I did command him to be obedient and upon the rocks that he has in so many places shed his blood he ought make it unto himself and his generation an Altar of Sacrifice and Worship unto me...The Supreme God...that mankind might not be amoung those that have perish from the earth. Thus various religions arose in different epochs and then they fell and new religions arose in their place. This is the cycle of mankinds eternal quest to find Salvation, Liberation, Emancipation, Spiritual Awakening and the Universal Peace that all men thirst after in Life. The sinister within man seemed to never subside with his fellow relatives throughout eons of generations, so thus it was that man made religion always for their Nation and their Race which lead to Envy, Hate, Jealousy, Persecution, War, Famine and Pestilences and near extermination of Races of Humankind. In eons past there were the weak and timid races of humankind that did become extinct, only the strong survived till this present day. Thus now again, the end is drawing near for the end of religions as you have known them to be so because they have not followed the true path of human compassion and love for one another as I have so loved mankind and I leave the future of the destiny of your own religion into your own care and hands like a garden filled with flowers, fruits and vegatables, if you do not water your own garden it will wither and die, and when your neighbor is away on leave and you care not to water his garden out of compassion and love of your neighbor, his garden to will wither and die. Never-the less, I will plant a needed and firmer new seed that will establish the religion of the future. It will take this newly planted seed One Thousand Years to grow into a hard and firmly planted tree upon the New Earth when the Old Earth has passed away. If I do not plant this new seed now, the earth will be distroyed by the hands of man and in one passing night every living thing that I created will be exterminated in a gulf of fire, the man I had created for my own glory will bring himself and all things from the heart of hate, revenge, the war of the extinction of all mankind. I, The Supreme God...will never allow such a time to take place, therefore I have sought out my servant to be my scribe. He has seen the Great Seraph, Archangels, Angels and Spirits, and they have spoken to him that he might not be frighten before their presence and their voices, from his birth we had choosen him to be our Ambassador of this Divine Message to all of Mankind. Now I have spoken to him and he walks with me in The Garden of Timeless Eternal Wisdom.

5. I have seen one nation from its birth grow firm and strong and with ultimate influence over all the inhabitants over the earth. This nation was formed from the inhabitants of many nations and of every race of humankind, the races of men and women fleeing the oppressions of their native lands, nations of political, racial and religious injustice and corrupt governments and oppressive religions and racial prejudices, these outcast of the earth struggled hard together to find a common balance as one united people and they have sought to live together peacefully with liberty and freedom for all men and women of the land with justice and equality amoungst and between the many races of mankind that formed to make the American Spirit and my love for them is great, for they themselves declared from its foundation ( In God We Trust ). I have sent my servant into exile that he might learn and be my scribe, that it shall be written on Earth and in Heaven that in this new epoch, I have again chosen a new people to be my beloved children - they are American's...yes, I have chosen a new people, inhabitants and races from all around the great earth called American's to have power and dominion over the earth and preserve the earth and all the inhabitants and everything that I did create for One Thousand Years. This shall be my covenant with the American's and I seal it with my Divinity and Eternal Truth...that no foreign nation shall ever rise up against America and the American's...I shall increase their knowledge where they can with Super Advance Technology disarm the world and the face of my earth of Nuclear Weapons. My wrath is vengeful and my word is the sole truth that shall spread and tame the world.

6. This book shall be called ( The Book of Omega ) , for in One Thousand Years Epoch, mankind will struggle for Spiritual Enlightment and Religion as a comfort to the changing times and shifting of continents and the disappearance of lands as you know it geographically today. So it will be the end of all religions as you have known and have been witness to them all. For wicked and evil have all these religions been stained in bloodshed and revolting wars upon the innocent of humanity. I shuffle and reshape the earth and all the inhabitants I created when religions and mankind become an abomination before my very presence and in my virtuous sight I cannot no longer bare to see the sight of vice of religious hippocrates adorned in vestments and in seats of power over paupers that in vain support such serpents of Luciferian religions. These religions have all by now been stained and are walking neck-deep in the blood of the innocent whom all have died of religious persecution - Religion has turned from Medicine to Poison like wine into blood and I must empty all these vessels of damnation and once again restore my Eternal Religion to mankind again in it's pure and simplicity for all of humanity. You will struggle against me in great resistance but you shall lose over the next millinium your faith and your religion filled with lies. I have choosen a strong people to cast every religion that is an abomination to me into extinction by replacement of the word of my eternal truth. To those that have stated and have said that their faithful have war and fought and have died in my name except for Freedoms sake are liars and a lier shall never inherit the Kingdom of God. I am the Supreme God and I am Eternal and without end.

7. Within the expanse of One Thousand Years, every religion on the face of my earth shall fade out of existance and the minor religion just die out like wilting flowers and then again there shall be One Religion for all of Humanity, one set of Holy Scriptures of my Eternal Word and a Divine Government...Utopia on Earth will finally be established. My Divine Government will rule over all Nations. I have sent unto you my scribe to write into Divine Law what I will that should be bound by Heaven and Earth...a new lasting Divine Covenant with the Americans that they may follow my path obediently, humbly and pious, to spread this word to the whole of humanity within the expanse of one thousand years...that mankind might find eternal Peace and Love, for those are not just mere words to be taken vainly...Peace and Love has value and merit of my Divine Virtue...that is the Peace and Love I have sought for all mankind.

8. I have this day declared my New Covenant with the Americans for their own religious independance from all foreign religions of the past presently still existant in this that the Americans may now come to terms with their own self uniqueness and originality that God has come by his servant scribe unto them where they now have their own Holy Scriptures and Eternal Religion that is blessed...holy and sacredly American given to them by the Supreme God that has come to them expelling all now existing religious influences present and that God has come by his servant scribe establishing once again the Eternal Religion that fits the times and the people of the present day, that my servant may do my will as my scribe and write the holy books I have ordained to be written to my New Chosen people, and that these teachings will be taught to all Americans and that we may finally bring into the American fold our Native Americans for they cannot be left out of this New Eternal Covenant but must recieve the same great bountiful blessings that I will pour out to those that adhere to these Sacred Writtings of my Eternal Word.

9. I am the Word, the Truth and the everlasting Eternal Light all men seek shelter and refuge in. I am the way, the River of Life and the boat that carries all of humanity across from the life of toil and burdens, of their sorrows and pain and agonies, from the wretchedness of poverty and the unhappiness in riches. I am equal and just to all and I do indeed hear the hearts of all the souls in their repentance because I am equally patient and filled with the Eternal Light of Mercy for all of humanity. There are many exceeding multitudes that are resistant to my Word and to my Law of Divine Righteousness. With these rebellious souls I have been eternally patient to turn over their lives like the sparrows do, to the divine care of my eternal power and blessings that I give to all mankind equally to share the bountiful blessings with his spiritual brother or spiritual sister and children of the earth I created for all creation.

10. How can you see a man, woman or child homeless and not do nothing for them. How can you see a man, woman or child in rags and not offer them something better to wear. How can you watch starvation and the scores of humans dying daily by the minutes of just a day and not put action to feed them instead of giving your pity while your belly is full, haven't I not given you enough food that all might eat and not starve. How can you just walk pass the sick and not offer your hand to help them get well from an injury to curable deseases and not work day through night together as one humanity to find the cure for the incurable deseases. How long will it be before every man, woman and child can walk, roam and explore the earth and the streets without fear of violence, murder, rape, kidnapping, genocide and all the horrors of the few percentage of humanity with evil spirits in their souls. Can you not see that from the expanse of the Universe, the earth is just a small pixel but there in that small pixel hell rages without peace.

11. I give the birds shelter and they do not ask me for shelter. I give the animals clothing of fur for winter and they ask me not. I give creation - water, wind and sun when it ask me for nothing. I give healing to the earth when I have given signs to mankind to stop but continues to bring contamination to the Air, Water, Lands of the Earth and Deserts and the Rainforest when earth ask me for nothing.

12. How much longer must the Crow eat the Sparrow, hidden and afraid and trapped in the Palm, the Palm tree is no place for Crows. This war of terror amoung nations must finally come to an end, because I am God, the Supreme God over all of mankind. I have choosen my servant to deliver this message of divininty that changes the balance of Religious Power into the hands of the American's for the reason that they are a Nation made of many nations and races of mankind together living equally and in Liberty and Freedom of Justice for all regardless from what far off land they have come in search of a life Free in their pursuit for happiness upon the Divine Land of the American's and The Supreme God ever merciful to all good men and women that obey the Divine Laws and the Nation's Laws that govern you.

13. How can you believe that religion is established amoung all nation's and all the peoples of the earth and that my Word has been finalized in such few testamonies of scriptual books in the now established religions that teach from their ancient holy books. I don not live in houses of mortar and stone, my home is as vast as the universe and as small as the earth in a divine spark. I am Religion and my Temple is the soul of mankind. I teach the virtue of my Eternal Religion according to the times as they change for humankind. As you see the world today, I will change it in the future, I always have and I always will. I have let vast continents and all that mankind made, their grand structures and religions and the dead burried in their graves go into the waters of the depths of the oceans to never be seen again and then I raise new lands, from the depths of the seas I raise up new continents for a new humanity and end evil upon the earth, so where do all the holy books and religions go in this state of transformation when mankinds religions become extinct aswell as their holy books, it is done because of evil upon my earth and also that religion is a source of perpetual rejuvenation to the soul of mankind. I end strief and sorrows, wars, hatred, envy, jealousy, greed, starvation, rape, genocides and poverty, mankind begins his life from the herbs of the land to live in a state of Utopia. Mankind without nothing is like an innocent child always dependant on my divine nature. For it is because mankind when he changes his good nature to and evil nature that I must cleanse the earth of the filth of which stains the earth of hells.

14. Do you dare think that I have one son or that I have one angel or one archangel? Do you think that I have choosen only a few holy men to teach my divine word? Do you think I have separate religion's for different nations and races of mankind? Do you think that mankind's religion's are always true and free from the poison's of evil and the snares of wickedness? This is not a new religion, it is the Divine Eternal Religion that I have appointed my Scribe to write down in pen for you. For you cannot see the future of mankind, I am the Supreme God. I see and know all things. I do not ask of you to build anything made of mortar and stone for this Etenal Religion. Neither do I prescribe that you make holy relic and images to adorn yourselves as a religion apart from the wounded, disgraced religion's. I neither ask of you to congregate in multitudes at special consecrated holy places, for the whole expanse of the earth is holy to me. I only ask of you, that where one or more of you are gathered together,that you may take time off from your labor and read to one another the words of these holy books and together pray for the mercy of your soul and for the souls of other brothers and sisters still lost in the path of unrighteous living and surely I grant that I will always be with you till the end of this world, which time I have not yet appointed till every soul has repented to me.

15. No man is free from sin. Sin is always at the core of man. A man does not see his own faults, for he is always in search of his own faults in others. The Animals have their rights by the Law of Nature to feast upon one another, but man, whom I had made of my own Spiritual Divinity, a creation for my glory alone. Why does this man that I have created divinely with justice of my own Spiritual hands, why does this man, why does he war against his own brother, neighbor and fellow mankind. I have shown you the way, that you shall not kill one another in fierce wars and continued battles. Nation against nation, violence and murder in urban society and the streets. Raping the defenseless. Mass killings of voracious insanity upon the innocent. Why do you intoxicate yourselves and arm yourselves to slaughter your brother and your sister and the neighbor you do not know yet so that you might be superior to one over the other. Repent now for the final hour has come that you must Obey the Laws of your God. There is no man greater or lesser than the other, in my eyes all of mankind is equal. I have shown you the way,that, Love is the answer that will free all mankind that are trapped in the Fantasims of the illussions of this temporial existance. I have made it clear that you are not immortal and that I decide when to end your Physical Corporal Existance and though your soul is immortal, I judge and rule where your soul shall be punished or rewarded or extinguish the soul forever more, never to exist no more. Peace comes with Love. Love is the shedding off of all prejudices and wrongful pride. To see a child and to love a child as a child, this love is divine in nourishing a child to love God first and seek my communion in Spiritual practice and obedience so that the mind and the body may not decompose in the illussions of an evil unpious society. Love of the Divine Master - The Supreme God makes up all the difference in the up - bringing of each child's mental psychology. You are neither Black nor White nor anyother colour, those are the illussions of the evil seeds that you withhold in from your past karmic soul. You must now free your mind instead and see the Rainbow hues of Mankind as a wonderful beauty of divine hues in winds that only I could have made from the mind of pure love in the image of my own divinity. If I had created mankind all the same, then thus what excuse would you have then. Your inner sin would still yearn to devour mankind in hate, jealousy, greed, swindle and selfishness, still war, famine, rape, starvation, genocide, for I am angry, yes, I anger at your injust hell upon the weak, are you liken the wild dogs, the same race one people or your one colour, far worse, you would eat one another and come to love the taste of Cannabalism against one another, you would make slaves of one another and sell eachother in the market places as a wretched humanity, therefore I have created you as a rainbow of humanity, for I have seen enough and now I have come before you again through this Divine American, my servant and my scribe, that you shall not touch nor harm lest I let the stars in the heavens fall and burn the earth and all that I have created. Therefore and now I have come to put my foot down upon the earth and stop all these calamities. This time you will Obey my Commandments or I shall let the sun that gives you life devour you like a Lion and all the worlds as far as your instuments can see aswell. This is the word of the Supreme God, I am free from the poisons of mankinds bitter lips, for you are wretched and defiled and sinful before me now, but adhere to my word and I shall cleanse and purify your trinity of mind, body and soul.

16. The Soul of all Life dwells in me. I am Religion. I am Faith. I am the Belief all men surrender unto. I am formless and I do not dwell in images nor religious houses of congregation. Though it is in your faith, belief, your humbleness, pious love of purity that I am in all these material things for you that you may always kneel and cling to me to advance your Spiritual Knowledge and one day come to meet and see me in Paradise. I am Great, an Eternal Energy alive in the material and anti-material expanse of the Cosmos without end.

17. All men ponder fate and religion and the existance of God. I see all men of religious faith, the Agnostic's and Atheist struggling for faith, for belief in something greater, A Supernatural Being they can reach out to and identify with in their sorrows, lamentation and agony. To express their joy and their happiness, that hiden mystery they search for, to seek communion with, yet mankind has yet to comprehend that every human child is born with a soul and in that living soul resides the spiritual-material portion of myself as the Temple of God which should not be defiled but kept clean and pure against all vices of temptation material and spiritual throughout mankinds life time. The Temple of God and the Eternal Religion exist in all of mankind and in every creature I have created since the dawn of time. Religion is within and not in mortar and stone for the winds and the rains and time sweeps them away. Neither and nor is Religion in written testimonies for they have come and gone throughout the eons of time. I am the Living God and I do not judge mankind as does the insecure nature of humans between the fear of life and death and the afterlife where the man I created must always carve images in his likeness to adore with fervant religious zeal, build grand structures and then claim it as a holy site or place of religious worship, men in religious vestments and garments are set apart to lead the rest of mankind like sheep as religion willingly or unwillingly all become a sacrifice to mankinds religious dogmatic theological principals as ridget and conservative that the tree and its branches are always splitting apart, for why are you this way, when I have never been so severe with mankind since the beginning of the dawn of mankind and to say that mankind has yet to see themselves as a spiritual being, to find prayer and meditation within in communion with me. Seldom does mankind contemplate on the Spiritual life in the living years, they leave it to holy men or to those in the religious order, yet the Temple of God is not of the hands of man. The Temple of God is made of the Spiriual hands of the Supreme God, at the consummation of the Ovium and Spermatozoon at conception, I instantaneously incorporate the spark of the soul so that the fetus thus becomes a living soul at the moment of conception. Thus by the Laws of God and the Laws of nature and the Laws of the Universe, conception is the beginning of human life and should be respected as holy and the miracle of pro-creation for all mankind that from the ignition of the Atom all things came to be as they now are. From the atom all life forms began to swim and crawl and walk upon all the face of the earth. Mankind cannot see the perfect creation that I have created, because the human entity of mankind lacks the spirituality, that within, not that without, contemplate why you and all things exist, even a rock has its purpose to exist.

18. There are now many divisions and faiths of worshipping God. Some insistent, emphatic dwellers of conscious that say images are necessary, others see it as an abomination, others destroy such images as idolatary. Whom is right and whom is wrong is the cause of all religious wars and inquisition's, grudges, hate, anger, jealousy, philosophy, theosophy, theology creating terrorism upon the innocent stained in bloodshed exhonorating themselves into great powers of Hell. They are also the source of countless books debating in times of peace and restraint to explain the need for images and others the non-essential need for images, for mankind is like a child and even the ants have more logic and organization and peace than does humanity, for like children, some children make sand and mud castles with peaceful souls content and other children throw tantrums and anger to break them down. The position of the Supreme God is one. If these religious material things bring one spiritually closer to the Divineness of The Supreme God then thus the Divine Master accepts his divine child for purity of mind, body and soul and those that destroy, destroy nothing but their own spiritual progress with the Supreme God.

19. The American's have gone beyound the heaven's by my grace and they shall go on to explore, colonize and inhabite other worlds beyound this Earth through the expanse of the endless infinite universe. This power and this great source of knowledge is given to the American's as a grace that I shall change the world into a Utopia Garden of Paradise as it was in the beginning of humanity in my divine image. This is only the beginning to colonize the other worlds I have given to the American's. The Earth and the Moon belong to the Americans. The Sun is the Law by which all of mankind exist and the source of all life forms and the Moon is the night lamp that shines bright so that all of mankind may rest from the days labor peacefully but the American Flag is firmly planted on the surface of the moon, therefore it is now the American Moon or Amerimoon. I shall give other worlds to the American's so that the unrighteous souls of mankind shall be cast out away from this Divine Earth I created and that these wicked evil souls may live their lives in Divine Punishment in other Worlds from where there is no escape from. There is where the unrighteous shall live and shall bow down to me in repentance and they shall humble themselves and become pious and labor for their sins. I have given the American's the knowledge to gain the inheritence of the whole vastness of my eternal universe, this is my Law and my Divine Word, I am the Supreme God of all Humanity.

20. Now! I have come to answer your questions of disbelief and of speculations. In the inheritance of the other worlds that shall be American, this Sacred Holy Book of Scriptures shall be the Divine Law of The Divine American Supreme God, in Humanity and for One Religion. It shall be read by all of mankind and in other worlds where there shall be no holy lands, houses of prayer nor congregation's, nor relic's that there maybe no religious wars where the seed of evil may take root and grow, but to these vagabond terrorist, Communist, Socialist, Liberals and un-Democratic nations and peoples shall come to humble themselves in great humility to the colonized worlds of America. They shall never be able to think, speak, congregate or to preach of any former religion of the Earth. They shall be bound and punished harshly and forever be forbidden any former religious thought of the Earth till they die. Their offspring shall be separated from their parents and shall be educated by the governing ruling body of the colonized planet and the offspring shall not know anything of the former past hellish religion's of total submission to an unseen-unknown God of their own making and ancient imagination and the phobic-hesteria of Earth related god-mind. The only Holy book that shall be allowed to be heard but not read is this holy book which will be known as The sacred holy American Bible. My Word shall come to pass and all men shall bow down to this Holy Book. In time when all the wicked have perished, this will be the only Religious Holy Book of Scriptures that the New Age of Mankind will be allowed to read, pray and preach on this Earth and in the colonized worlds beyound the endless Universe. There is a Secret that I shall not reveal of my Divine Church but which will be revealed at the end which is the survival of the truth of my Divine Word. So thus from this day forward, this Holy Book shall be called before all mankind as [ The sacred holy American Bible ] that all men might come to believe that I have spoken this Word through my servant scribe and that the first sign of my Divinity and Power shall be is to sweep the Deserts of where Terrorism upon mankind sprang. I shall pound that forbidden Rock to ashes of grains. I shall make the Desert kings drink their oil and make them my slaves, that is the beginning of my Justice. I have given power to my servants and my scribe to say to you my faithful disciples { Let's Roll On } and cleanse the earth of this religion and terror upon humanity, my Divine Power is with you, he whom stands up against you in battle shall fall at your mercy on their knees. I will burn and scourge all the enemies of America and deliver them unto your hands to be hung like wild animals in snare traps. Every Nation upon the face of this Earth shall Respect America and the American's for without America and the American's the Earth would become a desolate wasteland and not a single soul of mankind would be alive.

21. This Nation called America shall not bend to terror. Every injust man shall be brought to justice. Any Nation that is against America and conspires against America is against me. I am The Supreme God of all Humanity. I have given absolute power to the American's to rule the earth. In One Thousand Years there shall be One Religion and One Divine Government. All of mankind shall serve me faithfully. Any human that disobeys the American Government shall be cast away. Give to me what belongs to me and give to America what belongs to America. Native American's shall be given my grace and the fruits of which all American's need for a bountiful life with dignity and respect. I shall never let America fall into the hands of the enemy. American's now have their own sacred scriptures being written by my scribe, a Divine American in exile. All men have a choice! To believe in foreign religions or The Divine American Religion. It shall be the American Spirit that will live on and shall rule the earth for one thousand years. This is the Word of The Divine Supreme American God.

22. For any government of those nations and its people and its warmonging soilders and its surpressive military might whose Philosophy of Heresy that are Atheist or Agnostic and continue their Revolutionary hell upon a people whose culture is the Peace of their Religious Faith and have been enslaved in a Communist, Socialist, Maoist, Dictatorship or Fascism. I The Supeme Almighty God of all Mankind and I whom Created the Earth and all that is called Creation, I will give you this one last chance to repent and make amends to your God and to free the Religious Faithful to their religious way of life and culture. For if you do not heed to this Divine Warning, I will drive you off those lands and nations and put my wrath sooner that you think upon your own Nation and your own peoples and destroy all that you have by Divine Intervention. I shall cause upon your lands natural disaters; drought, floods, cyclones, hail and snow of deadly winters, I will let the desert sands eat up and cover your magnificient cities. I will cause lightning to burn your beautiful forest to ashes and I will send down from the heavens great fire balls of flamming rocks to pit the ground you walk upon and your waterfalls and rivers will turn to poison. Your Nation will die of thirst and hunger..from cold and heat and great earthquakes and millions will be taken to the seas by Mega-Tsunami's. I will do away with your soilders by plagues and deseases aswell as your Atheist or Agnostic race of people that are heretics of my Divine Law. This is the Divine Word of The Supreme Almighty God. And so be it!

23. Since the beginning of the dawn of time I have sent unto the world countless of my Heavenly Ambassadors to teach humanity the way of righteousness. Some I have given the gift of Prophecy. Many to be Teachers or Masters of the Divine Laws. I have also given you those to give Divine Revelations of the Future. I have sent you Divine Scholars to even write down my Divine Laws, but each time throughout the ages you have persecuted and killed them, thus, you shall never see St. Roy!


Chapter Two

The Supreme God reveals that the ancient persecution of Homosexuals is ungodly and not attune to the reality of God's Love of all of Humanity, stating that the differentalism of the past ages of the Homosexuality as an evil nature to God was the Law and still is the Law, but in this present age, God is all understanding and compassionate to the inner struggles of those whom are born with GID's or the un-natural selection of Gender Identity Disorder through no fault of the infant child born to live a full life as a Gay Man or a Lesbian Woman or enduring the psychological torture of becomming a Transvestite. Thus the Supreme God has this day declared that Homosexual Gay Men and Lesbian Women and Tranvestives will have Absolution from Sin, if those affected by Gender Identity Disorder live Moral and Righteous lives of Virtue and do good for Humanity and that no Religion nor Political Institution has the right by The Almighty Compassionate God of all Humanity to be Judge and pass Judgement on the weak and afflicted Children of God. This is the Word of The Supreme God.

1. I who am who I am! The Supreme God of all this humanity do indeed contrary to what humanity and their Religions, Faiths, Rituals, Ceremonies and Ancient Holy Books that teach and believe in their craft of hippocracy, lies, deciet, the antagony of hate and persecution of the weak in spirit defend with my Compassion the human dignity of the weak in spirit against the Empires of Satan whom preach moral values and righteousness while indulging in the pleasures of the world of sin. I am God! The Father of all, filled with Altruism, Mercy and Great Compassion do indeed see and have seen since I first created humanity. I have indeed seen their struggles and agonies, their internal misery of mind to what is holy and unholy before me, the prejudice nature of one against the other, the injustice against the few within humanity whom are weak in spirit. The flesh struggling against the human soul. How could I not have mercy on the such few Children of God whom struggle with the self identity in Life and to live harmonious with others in humanity. I have seen the sneers, hate, mocking, murders of concieted hippocrates that they themselves are no better at controlling their own temptations. What do you fear? That these few weak in spirit will contaminate you and your children and your society and that they will bring an end to the pro-creation of human life and existance? For there are many Liars of Pride drowned in Sin, how can they, these self righteous Lucerfiarian Temples and Houses of worship, how can they be the Judge of anyone on what is the true will of God Almighty, Compassionate and full of Mercy. I have therefore come by my servant scribe to write in pen my Word which is the Law of Heaven, therefore all these prejudices, hate and war on Homosexuals is now null and ancient and I have reviewed all spectrum of humanity and have now nullified in the Kingdom of God and by the Tears of Altruism, the Heart of Mercy and the Compassion of a Soul of Love that my servant is Truth. I have accepted this day those children born unto the world and grow up to be Gay Men or Lesbian Women, and those aswell that are men and feel they are trapped as women in their Corporal bodies and women whom feel as men trapped in their Corporal bodies and they become Transvestites by the technological advances of medicine and physicians and surgens. I shall accept into my Holy Kingdom these weak in spirit without any punishment and they shall inherit equal justice and become angels in my Kingdom as long as they have lived a virturous life and as long as they are righteous and just with others, for there will be no prejudices in my Kingdom of Mercy and Compassion. I am the Supreme God and my Word is the Divine Law for all of Humanity. Those that do good for Humanity shall recieve the reward of Eternal Life in my Kingdom without end. If any man or woman has sinned, my servant has shown you the true path to repentance by example of his own accord of the path of Humility and Humbling himself before God and Mankind and the strength and courage to bring to light as my scribe, what I think is right and holy and what is wrong and unholy before my eyes.

2. I shall judge all of humanity according to their deeds and works and faith, I am a Just Living God. Their mental and spiritual thoughts of progress or regression. I shall punish equally both without prejudices, Hetrosexuals and Homosexuals for their evilness and wickedness of nature and defiled actions done in this world. All men and women must strieve to do good for all of humanity in their own individual Life-span. I am the Compassionate, Merciful and All Loving Almighty God, I cannot denounce to say that all Homosexuals are wicked and evil because of their mysterious sexual preferance, while Hetrosexuals continue to live in an inferno of Lust, Greed, Hate, Gamblers, Anger, Prejudices, Rape, Genocide, Wars, Murders, Jealousy, Envy, Secret Closet Societies. This inner rage of sins far out weighs the weak in spirit. I have seen many Homosexuals live in fear by Religious, Political and Human repression and because they are in such fear they are in a state of life long trauma to conceal their Homosexualness, yet many do good and even great things for humanity and are pious Stewards of the Earth and Mankind. I do not have to endorse Homosexuality because it is a fact of life's reality that all of mankind must come to accept as truth of the few in human nature that has been in existance since the dawn of creation and the mystery continues that there also exist Animal Homosexuality and Plant form that are Homosexual or asexual, yet I have not punished them all either and neither have I sent them to Hell. For in the Inferno of Hell you will not find one blade of grass or flower blooming or tree nor bird that soars free or animal that roams there in Hell. It is I whom created everything existant and also that which has gone extinct. It is I that has the great responsibility for all and to keep all things on Earth and throughout the expanse of the universe perpetual and existant with life force. For justice and injustice and all the mysteries you may never comprehend, Creation is my Past-time and my Greatest Glory and my Hour Alone.

3. There are genuine Homosexuals which I admit and have mercy upon. And then there are the perverted Homosexuals which I do not admit nor have mercy upon, the same as those Heterosexuals, parading for sensual pervertedness, these sinful I will never accept in my Kingdom of Paradise nor will I ever give Absolution to them. Even between Homosexuals there is a great divide between the both, those born with Gender Identity Disorder and weak in spirit and flesh and the sinful Homosexuals perverted in sensual pleasures which is an abomination to my eyes and my Divine Laws shall be spared no mercy. I shall cast them all into the infernos of Hell. The genuine homosexual I have seen as weak in spirit and judge not their weakness. But..WO! Unto the masking parading homosexuals and their evil ways which I have told you I shall cast into the Eternal Fires of Hell. Why do I do this? Because a man or a woman born by nature as a homosexual is innocent in my eyes. For birth in the material world can often go aray due to karmic dualism and therefore I judge not but instruct that they do what is righteous to inherit the Kingdom of God. But the perverted Homosexual is a diseased infected carrier and a cancer to my humanity, killing off my humanity for perverted sensual desires and this is murder seeking only pleasure of the uncontrolable senses and is in all judgement disgusting perverted and sinful and I will never tolerate Sodomy on my Earth nor in my Heaven. And also those hetrosexuals in their Fantasims of desire for Lust of the Flesh, both I will judge equally and cast into the hellish worlds. Such Lower Worlds beyond this world do exist. This is my Word and my Word is the Eternal Law of all of Humanity. Let is Pray a Pslam to the weak in spirit and flesh, that they may find my Beacon of Eternal Light now and at the end of their Journey in this one life to live. This is the Living Word of The Supreme God.

4. Weep not gentle creatures when they scorn and dispise you for no fault of your own but of natures dualism. Rest your head upon my bossom of Holiness for Light. I shall uplift you in your sorrows and strengthen your spirit. Cherish the moments I have given you to live the breath of life. I shall come to you in your despairs, in sickness and at the hour of your death. I shall carry you away into my Kingdom and give you Eternal Life...Joy and Youth back again. Believe in the great Mercy and Compassion of my Servant, for he has delivered you through me. Do good for one another, for it is Love that is the greatest of all Laws. Fear no one, for you are not sinful, for you were born weak in spirit only. Worship no one but the Living Father of all of Humanity - The Supreme God Almighty Compassionate and full of Grace and Mercy. Do not hate any religion, neither war nor conspire against them and against their ignorance, rather do good to all and follow me. I exist within all and you are free at last to carry out your own plan of Salvation as I have spoken it and the debate has now ended before all of humanity and their religions of hippocracy, their holy books of misleading and undefining getting to the point short excerpts of misrepresentation. Here in this Holy Book written by my scribe I have told you my Law of Mercy and Compassion. For they will enter the gates of hell before you do if you follow my teachings on where I stand on the issue of homosexuality. Do not add nor extract from from this Holy Book, neither lead anyone astray for your own ego or you too or anyone that distorts my Word and my Laws will find quickly the stairway down to hell. Believe in me and I shall give you all that you lack. There is perfect truth and perfect wisdom I share with you today because I am the Glory and the Power of the Earth and all the Universe, without me, nothing exist. Love all, that all will love you, and those that do not love you will perish. You live for me - The Supreme God and for the Holy Nation that gives you Freedom and Democracy. I give to every living creature what it Sows. You shall reap the good fruits and grains of the earth as a righteous virtuous people - the weak in spirit - sweet Children of God. Seek and you shall find the Fountain of Life. Seek and you shall find Peace of Mind. Seek and you shall have Serinity in your soul. Pray when the Divine Spirit moves you to pray. Meditate when the Divine Spirit moves you to meditate. Contemplate on all that I have said to you..God the Compassionate Father is with you till Eternity. Have Dignity in whom you are, but never Boast yourself with egoistic eccentric pride, be humble.You once were a child and now you are an adult, but before my eyes you will always remain a Love Child of my Mercy and Compassion. You alone must contemplate sin and take responsibility for your actions. If you feel the good spirit with you, it is the Divine Spirit that guides you and the Divine Spirit will never lead you astray and you are not in sin and vice versa you must question your virtue always what is my Law and what is Mankinds Law and that you should never be a Servant nor Slave to the Demons of the Material World of Pleasure, Lust, Ego and Pride but remain a faithful Child of God and I shall give you water when you thirst and food when you hunger and no human entity in any Government shall raise their hand against you, for I will defend my children of this earth when they are weak in spirit. This is the Word of God.

5. I have made my words plain and simple and not abstact as in other religious holy books. For in your time and in your language do I so speak to you my Law for all Mankind. Your language is American English. There is no need for foreign or strange or various names for God. I am the Supreme God and by calling out that name alone vibrates throughout the Universes and I shall hear you out in Prayer and in your Repentance and yes, there are more than one universe. It is eternal beyond you and all of mankind. Children born a weak spirit and that grow by nature into adulthood as homosexual gay-men or lesbian-women shall have Holy Divine Absolution from me - The Supreme God Almighty and anyone that contradicts my Holy Law, I shall judge them all for every sin they have committed on my earth. You shall live your lives for me - The Supreme God and the Republic of Freedom. No man nor woman shall ever again slander nor disgrace you, for they are shameless hypocrites of Satan and the demons from the pits of hell. You walk proud in God's righteousness and virtue before religious hypocrites and government rascals of dark secrects because from their heart of no Altruistic love can be no mercy from them. They are a humanity that lacks in Compassionate Love and they shall never know the meaning of spirituality. Do not hate them. Pray for them. They are bound for the suffering or hellish worlds I have set aside for those that hate and can not love as I have taught you all to love one another. Have pity, be pious and you shall gain the way to Heaven's Door and rest your weary suffering head upon my bossom and find rest with me till Eternity.

6. I - The Supreme God of all Humanity have made this issue plain and clear, so that the debates and doubts, the secrecy and those that praise my Laws and those that curse my Laws now know directly where my Heart of Mercy and Compassion rest. Make no doubt that I have Love for all of Humanity but the wicked shall perish whether they are Hetrosexual or Homosexual. You have heard my opinion on this ancient nagging question of rivaling folly, your bibbering lips of complaints of what is moral and what is immoral, your theologians, philosophers, theosophy and men of learning debating writting book after books to find the theory resolve to Homosexuality as Moral or Immoral. This day, Today I have stated my position and my Law. I make no distinction between Hetrosexual and Homosexual. I am a God of Love. You must understand this Altruisticly, with a mind and a soul filled with Mercy and Compassion for your fellow brother or sister and the child of God. If you rebel against this written Law, you shall be judged with the same mind of prejudice and hate. You will suffer in the hellish realms, you will not know peace and eternal joy. For I judge only the wicked and the evil at heart with a severe wrath. I am God! So many wise men they thought they were until they came before me with their arrogance like fools and so many fools came before me afraid because they thought they lacked knowledge but they were wise to keep and obey my Law which governs all of what I created, they were the Shepherds of Love!


Chapter Three

The Supreme God reveals his Holy Declaration that Women shall now enter the Priesthood equal with Male Priest and the Role of Women in the next 1000 year Era.

1. From this day forth as I have seen the abominations of Vocational Religious Men in all existing Religions with their own selfish holy human glorification in their schemes, lies, deciet, sexual-sensual perversions and hypocrites preaching of a wrathful unloving God casting unbelievers and sinners into an inferno of hell, casting and judging from their pulpits those Charismatic hypnotic inducing demon-men reincarnated from the gates of hell, yes those unholy men in their houses of Satan where they make men, women and their children tremble in fear and distroy the human psychology, they..unholy gods of the earth are false representitives of the Living Almighty God and they are damned in this world and in the after-life. This balance of power shall now come to an end and bring a halt to these religious hypocrites and liars from their seats of power. I have appointed my scribe to write into Law what it is that I want from humanity in the Eternal Religion.

2. Men have since the Creation been in great power both in Religion and in Governing the World, and all that I have seen that comes from the heart of men is Chaos, Wars, Famine, Greed, Jealousy, Hate and Rape, and woman whom I have also created has always been the Obedient and Subordinate soul and faithful help mate of man. Because of this great selfish power mens hearts wax to stone and duel with their evil sinister nature while woman keeps giving birth to humanity amist political and religious tyranny. Today it has come to a grinding halt and woman shall find an elevated role equal with man in order to bring peace to this troubled world and with woman, man will be stopped in his atrocities of hypocrisy of deciet, so that together woman with equal religious power along with man to check balance religious empowered concieted men so that they will learn how to truely be pious, humble and meek. Men can no longer justly control the affairs of the affairs of the world alone. The burden of this troubled lawless humanity is too much to bear for one gender alone. Woman has always been mans help mate but the egotistic man I created has not realized this Spiritual Existance of equality in humanity along with his idealism of genocide and ethnic cleansing and raping women and children and the countless innocent murders in the streets. For I tell you this day all these men shall all burn inside the gates of hell for eternity, I promise.

3. I who am who I am: Eternal as the Universe. I alone, the Supreme God of all of humanity reveal to declare that women shall now come forth clean and spotless, humble and pious, with humility, strength and great authority upon mankind. They of female birth I have choosen that they now shall come to enter into the Ministry of the Priesthood equal with male priest to help bring peace to this convulsive world. They shall not be called Priestess but undiscriminately Priest along with male priest without any chauvinistic charlatan conclave prejudice nor discrimination of gender/sex nor race/color nor ethnicity, this is now the Law of Heaven till all men repent of their abominations within the next 1000 year era.

4. Now concerning the abhording lawless law of female circumcision. I come to you through my servant, most holy son of God to declare before all of humanity and religions of the world, that the circumcision of females is against the Law of Heaven. Did I create the beauty and natural sensuality of woman so that men of religion could dominate the female I created of love of man so that he could mutilate her body. The mutilation of the female genital organs is an Ancient Law in which Men believed in Controlling the Female by reducing her as low as an animal or property lest she become the dominating force over Men.

5. Females born into this world shall be respected in all aspects of their womanhood, from Childhood to Adulthood till Old Age unto Death equally and shall not be bought and sold as an Ox that plows mans fields. Males must must protect them in their gender weakness as brothers protect their little sisters and young males protect older women as their own mothers. No female will be left unprotected into the hands of disgrace and the bandits of evil. I have a place where I put such men and burn their souls for their pennance.

6. Where and when have I said or have written into my Laws of Eternity that it is right that an adult male in any society or civilization has the right to take the fruit of a child as his bride when the fruit is not yet ripe to be a wife or a mother of men in their societies as unclean as a mongral dog. He who is Prophet over you that has told you it is right to have a child bride, those Prophets stand in Judgement in the gates of hell. No child should be touched until the fruit of her womanhood has ripen for accepting a man. The little girls and those in puberty years shall not become servants nor slaves to child labor, neither become slaves because of debt bondage, neither for child prostitution, child pornography nor shall they be forced into any recruitment of armed conflicts as children, And thus any society or civilization or man or band of men that practice any of these sinister sins, I shall vindicate , destroy with my righteous and justice of holy wrath on earth and in death aswell. Childhood is a time for innocence, joy and happiness before entering the natural phase of womanhood, marraige and giving birth unto this world...from woman mankind is born. This evil from sinister men and societies upon the daughters of God shall now come to an end or I shall reduce men from the presence of the Earth.

7. Females born into the world of the Father that gives light and wisdom freely to all who seek his refuge shall be given the same equality as Males for Education to the highest level that can be gained in Adult life, to Erradicate illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and unwanted or termed pregnancy cause and effects. A mind of brilliance I have given to all women to learn and grow. To know moral from immoral life. Women alone must teach and educate eachother on the Virtues of Womanhood from child to adolescence to adulthood towards old age and death. Women must take responsibility for their own physical bodies and not lay the the burden of immoral mistakes upon their government because of Lust, Intoxication, Apathy, Ignorance and non-will power. Women must resist men filled with Lust, for lust does nothing for the fetus in the womb but it becomes a tragic target of rejection by both the female in ignorance and the man in the state of lust and the fetus aborted is sin. I am the Lord of Justice and I warn women to live a virtuous and moral life. To refrain from the sensual desires that lead the body and soul into ignorance and finally into the hellish realm leading their own children on the same path of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and desease of the material physical body. Awaken from your Plight and Recieve the Gift of The Supreme God.

8. I am the Lod God of Mercy and Compassion with Altruistic Love for woman who I created do indeed hear her voice cring out in the wilderness of the mountain tops. Therefore I have come to conclude that Female Masterbation is not against the Law of Heaven and The Supreme God,as long as it is done in ones privacy alone, in Moderation and Virtuous discretion to keep the female sexual hormone release balanced in good mental anf physiological health. The practice of masterbation may help to save the female from entering the path of sensual needs that end in sin without virtue and loss of moral to the woman. This reality I have confronted and have accepted as lawful for womans need to save herself from the sins of this troubled world of desires and illussions. I am God! I am the only one that can enforce a law or destroy a law. In this view, I judge all things and change all things, for I alone am God Almighty.

9. By my Eternal Mercy upon a woman from childhood do declare that any male that sexually-whether the form be physical, psychological or intense verbal abuse upon any female child into puberty years shall hold account of such sins that the male be judged by humanity and shall be put away without mercy to his soul. This is my Virtuous Law I Decree. By my great compassion upon woman from childhood unto old age declare that any male that forcibly rapes a child, woman or elder shall be judged in the now present and be put away without mercy to his soul.

10. Mothers of daughters and Female relatives and the Female Society and Civilization have the responsibility to educate and to teach little girls into puberty to adulthood, the decent role of womanhood before humanity and Gods eyes. This is the moral Law of Heaven and the Supreme God.

11. Let it be known to woman by the Supreme God of all womaqnkind, thatany woman that goes contrary to the Laws of Heaven and the SupremeGod shall be vindicated and be judged by the great wrath of theAlmighty God. Let a woman that has sinned repent and do no more sinand I shall forgive such a woman, but if she return to sin again I shallnot forgive, but judge her for her trangressions.

12. O' Sweet Virgin daughters of God, hear my voice and weep not at the misery of this material world that hunts you down like Hyenas. I have come to protect in this Eon at your hour from the snarl of evil. My promise for the next 1,000 years is paving the Golden Civilazation for all Humanity..where at last little girls and boys will learn to live and do for eachother without any ulterior motives of power over one against the other but in harmony work together to uplift Peace and put a halt to all these Wars caused by men and their man made religions of hell. Despair not at the hands of sinister men, savages of lust and greed and hearts of jealousy. I have come to change the world from havoc and chaos and evil upon womankind and it maybe that one day you will have to bare children on other worlds so that this world might pass and everything evil will be consumed by floods and fire and earthquakes so that then my garden will be restored to the righteous path again. Pray for the unjust man,because I will judge him sternly for his wickedness. Those who are unbelivers and spit and snarl like demons to my Divine Law of Heaven, shall become weak and faint before my presence with their Harlots, voiceless and powerless, for then they shall know that I am the Supreme God of all Humanity and that I have come to separate the good from evil and their souls and flesh shall tremble as I judge them according to my Divine Law of Rigtheousness. My daughters of the earth will be treated with respect and fairly and just and no man shall violate henceforth her body and soul. I am a loving God that reconcils all disputes of matters with Divine Love.

13. The Ascention and the Elevation of Females into the Ministry of the Priesthood is a position of great responsibility of humankind and of Heaven and the Supreme God, they shall be given the office and title of Priest according to her virtue and moral standard upon earth and on other planets colonized by humankind and the life she lives as Priest. Not all women are meant for the Priesthood, but those that are shall gain the power and command of God in his Eternal Religion to help change the core of a sinister world of hate, violence, discremination and War.

14. The vast need for spiritual Nuns shall remain the same as it was in the beginning to help in the duties of Female and Male Priest as a bufer to quell and comfort the hearts of humanity and to restore virtue upon the weak in spirit.

15. Let it be known to Female and Male Priest and Nuns, that they shall live Virtuous, Pious and Humble lives of Humility and that sexual desires for sense and sensual gratification shall not be permitted between Male and Female Priest of whatever rank they hold, for Sin is not Virtue and the role of the Gender Priest and Nuns shall live for the glory of the Supreme God and to bring Spirituality to humankind and to those that Violate the Laws of Heaven shall be dismissed without Mercy. This is the righteous Law of God and it shall never be trampled upon in any form of vice or immorality neither in mind or in action. The disgraceful shall be Disordained and cast into the public as disloyal servants of God and they shall go back and return to the ordinary class of life and if they try to branch off as a off shoot of this religion of the Supreme God they shall be put away with in death so that they may never rise to mislead any of humanity. The Eternal Religion is the Highest Order of all the Saints.

16. Women from childhood will recieve a proper education to erradicate the posionous seeds of illiteracy, ignorance and poverty to become a better help-mate to man. Niether Woman nor Man shall violate eachother, but shall both grow in Wisdom and in spirit to bring forth the Children of God for the Rapture of the Dawning of the Golden Holy Civilazation of the Supreme God is Comming sooner than you think you Unbelievers of the powers and mysteries of the Almighty God. Men and women shall work together in peace and in harmony and Maritial violence, hate, grudges shall cease to an end, for the Laws of Nature which God set forth teaches all males and females alike that they need eachother when the days of the Supeme Gods Tribulation begins to come forth upon the world humankind once knew.

17. The Educated and Virtuous Women shall help in governing the Republic of Freedom and Democracy as Servants without self ulterior motives for humanity in it's decline of society and civilazation and help bring an end to wars and suffering and help in establishing peace on my earth once again as it was in the beginning of time.

18. For there will be a growing need in humanity for an educated woman at all levels of society and those chauvanistic nations that do not adhere to these words will eventually perish from the earth extinct from famine, drought, floods, wars, desease and other horrible maladies. Though woman is by the very nature that I created her, she yearns to be a loving mother and wife. This will remain intact for the pro- creation of mankind, but even in this level, the Nobel level of Womanhood shall recieve a proper education in all fields of study to better their own family circumstances from poverty, divorce, broken homes, intoxicating addiction and adulterous sin.

19. As the struggle of wars that plague the earth for yet a time being till my Utopia and Peace for Humanity come to its Dawn. Women will, with the equality of men be trained as equivilent soilders to go into the high of battlefields and fight equal to men against the demons risen from hell in their philosophies and man made religions and gods to help wipe out the evil humans from my earth and restore my Divine Peace. This is a new decree from the Supreme God. Any male that rapes a woman-a female soilder of the battlefield shall be judged by the highest courts of justice with the equivilant punishment. In the eyes of God, such a man or men shall be put to death unconditionally. The last battle of this earth will be fought in the white dunes of the snow.

20. As the American Spirit struggles to achieve the conquest to go on into the New Frontiers of Space and Finally Colonize other Worlds that I have given to the Americans. Women equal with men shall venture beyond the stars together with Hope to colonize other planets of worlds unlike this earth. There will be many mistakes, failures and occasional disasters and the lost of human life, but never-ever let your will to succeed bring you to abandon what the Supreme God has given unto the Americans as a Holy Inheritance-The whole Universe for America. American children will be born on other colonized worlds- therefore woman and man must venture hand and hand together out of this Garden of Earth in equality of mental knowledge, and spirit and as a union of one body. Thus it will come to pass that both man and woman equally educated, with respect, love, and harmony might bring forth the Children of God upon other worlds of planets. Peace and and happiness and eternity will slowly be returned to humanity. American is now slowly becomming term or coined as Universal amoungst mankind that the ORGIN OF SPECIES Scientist are trembling that their rogue beliefs will cost them their extinction. The American Flag is firmly planted on the surface of the Moon and no other nations Flag shall be planted next to it nor anywhere on the surface of the American Moon. For it is an abomination to my eyes that the unbelievers share with ONE NATION UNDER GOD. My wrath shall destroy any that tries to take the moon away from the Americans. Soon the Americans shall return to colonize the moon and then the planet Mars aswell, it too will become American till the never ends of the Supreme God Eternity. Women will help govern the earth in politics, economy, military and in space exploration aswell as keep giving birth to the Nobel Children of a New Mankind of Peacemakers.



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